Eco-Focused Aroma Technology : EcoBoost Plus


CPL Aromas revealed that it concentrated its EcoBoost technology with the upgraded EcoBoost Plus. The EcoBoost range is the brand’s key technology for improving its customers’ scope three emissions index, thereby reducing pollution. The eco-friendly solution delivers the same fragrance potency with up to one-tenth of the volume.

The newly revamped EcoBoost Plus boasts a higher concentration of 20 to 1 than its predecessor. Best used in candles, reed diffusers, and concentrated disinfectants, the eco-conscious technology boasts a positive and sustainable outcome. Glenn Moran, Analytical Manager at CPL Aromas, expresses that “it has been a team effort between perfumers, evaluators, and the R&D team to improve EcoBoost, by bringing an even stronger concentration and sustainability to some applications with EcoBoost Plus.”

Image Credit: CPL Aromas – Modern Art and Design Trends

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