Eco-Conscious Luxury Sneakers : louis vuitton sneaker


The new Louis Vuitton ‘Charlie’ sneaker has just launched and was designed for everyday life. The sneaker comes in a high-top or low-top cut is available in a variety of sizes and is made using the highest quality materials.

The ‘Charlie’ sneaker is one of the brand’s most eco-conscious designs and is made of 90% recycled and bio-sourced materials. The rubber sole is shock-absorbing and designed to withstand everyday wear and tear. While the upper part of the shoe — made from recycled polyester and Biopolioli (a corn-based plastic) — gives the shoe a textured, yet soft finish. The laces are also made with 100 % recycled materials.

The ‘Charlie’ comes packaged in sustainable material and makes the product an all-around eco-conscious purchase while remaining aesthetically conscious of its brand.

Image Credit: – Luxury Trends

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