Drone-Compatible Smart Mailboxes : smart mailbox


An Indianopolis-based company called DroneDek is launching an innovative and eponymous smart mailbox that is designed to be capable of working within a broader high-tech delivery system in order to be able to accept deliveries from drones.

This smart mailbox, which works in conjunction with a companion app, is capable of emitting GPS coordinates to package-hauling drones, which then revert by sending a special security code to the mailbox. Once it analyzes and approves the code, the mailbox automatically open its door so that the drone can deliver its package.

Once the drone departs, the DroneDek smart mailbox can scan the package and notify the user, who can also look at the package via a camera situated inside the mailbox.

Set to be made available in 2022, this smart mailbox is positioned to target businesses that rely on deliveries on a regular basis.

Image Credit: DroneDek

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