Demure Technology Tracker Keychains : AirTag Keychain


The Killspencer AirTag Keychain is an accessory for use with the Apple-branded item tracker that will provide users with a style-conscious way to incorporate it into their daily lifestyle. The keychain is constructed with a black-plated split ring along with a black metal eyelet, which will hang securely onto the premium black leather dongle. A removable industrial-grade 3M adhesive keeps the AirTag snuggly inside the keychain to prevent it from coming loose.

The Killspencer AirTag Keychain is constructed with the aforementioned black leather that has been left uncorrected to show natural imperfections and markings off. The keychain gives a natural look and feel to the otherwise hard item tracker to help further enhance how it can be incorporated into the user’s everyday carry (EDC). – Technology Trends and Gadgets

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