Customizable Plant-Based Meat Mixes : vegan premixes


There are a growing number of pre-made plant-based meat products on the market, so these Loryma vegan premixes have been created to help offer consumers a way to create their very own recipes from the comfort of their own kitchen.

The products are premixed and work by being mixed with water before being used to craft a range of recipes including plant-based burger patties, nuggets and breaded cutlets. The products are all crafted without E-numbers and boast a protein content that is quite comparable to real meat.

Managing Director of Loryma Henrik Hetzer spoke on the new Loryma vegan premixes saying, “Our do-it-yourself solution addresses a target group that is keen on creative cooking and wants to know all about the ingredients involved. With our product, we help manufacturers meet the high demands of conscious consumers who want [a] clean label, optimised nutritional values, along with creative freedom in preparation and, of course, a convincing mouthfeel.”

Image Credit: Crespel & Deiters – Lifestyle Trends

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