Critter-Inspired Furniture Collections : The Meisen Collection


The Meisen collection is informed by an unusual combination of crickets, beetles, and kimonos. While it takes inspiration from otherwise unlikely items, the furniture pieces in the range boast a balanced modern design. British designer Bethan Laura Woods is the brainpower behind the items.

The Meisen Collection was presented as a solo show titled Ornate for the Nilufar Gallery in Los Angeles. It consists of three objects. Wood designed the range in collaboration with ALPI, a leader in the production of decorative surfaces. By blending colors, geometries, and visual metaphors, the pair created the Meison cabinets and a vibrantly colored desk. All items in the collection feature an Ikat pattern inspired by Meisen fabric which characterizes Japanese kimonos.

Image Credit: Bethan Laura Wood – Modern Art and Design Trends

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