Chef-Tested Cookware Launches : Kilne


Kilne was founded in 2020 by wife and husband duo Noelle Hjelte and Mike Gettis. The Canadian company is officially launching its products in the United States to bring high-quality kitchen essentials to a broader customer base. To achieve its desired cookware standard, the company worked with notable chefs to craft usable and approachable pieces.

The products in the launch include the Kilne 6-Piece Knife Set, the 3-Pice Essential Knife Set, and the Steak Knife Set. Customers receive high-grade German steel knives in the 6-piece set, including a sharpening steel stored in an Acadia knife block. The 3-Piece set includes three versatile blades and a magnetic wood strip for storage. Additionally, consumers can find versatility in the Steak Knife Set with its powerful serrated baldes.

Image Credit: Kilne – Modern Art and Design Trends

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