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Wendy’s has brought back its line of charity fundraising QSR keychains for the 2021 holiday season. These keychains are small, white frosty cups with the Wendy’s logo on the front. The year 2022 appears in red on the keychain to differentiate these from their 2019 ancestors.

The key tags cost $2 each, and owning one allows consumers to receive a free Wendy’s ‘Jr. Frosty’ with any purchase all throughout 2022. On top of this, 85% of proceeds gained from keychain sales will be donated to the ‘Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.’

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is committed to finding homes for children in need. The foundation notes that children fall into foster care through no fault of their own, and can often be set back in life because of these circumstances. The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption seeks to give all of these children an opportunity for a better life.

Image Credit: Wendy’s – Lifestyle Trends

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