Carbon-Conscious Chinese Skyscrapers : Chinese skyscraper


Zaha Hadid Architects has unveiled designs for a new pair of Chinese skyscrapers that are designed to significantly expand the amenities of the Studio City casino resort in Macau, whilst also acting as an exemplar for sustainable architecture.

The Studio City Phase 2 buildings borrow their design language from the surrounding resort, enabling them to blend in aesthetically even while towering over the rest of the property.

As far as sustainability features are concerned, these Chinese skyscrapers make use of shade-providing funs and ample glazing in order to achieve optimal thermal comfort while mitigating the need for power usage. The building also utilizes sustainably sourced timber, ensuring minimal impact on forests caused by its construction.

Set to be completed by the end of 2022, these Chinese skyscrapers aim to showcase how a balance can be struck between ambitious high-rise design and sustainability.

Image Credit: Minmud / MIR – Modern Art and Design Trends

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