Breakfast Burger Patties : morning burger


Actual Veggies creates a rainbow of veggie burger patties with a focus on color (as seen in products like The Actual Orange Burger or The Actual Purple Burger) and it is now introducing The Actual Morning Burger as a veggie-forward breakfast patty. This new product from the plant-based foods start-up has been engineered for mornings and it features a bright blue color from fruits and veggies. The patty contains acai, blue spirulina, blueberries, cauliflower, sunflower and flax seeds, bananas, plantains, dates and cinnamon.

Equally important to what is in the breakfast burger is what is excluded from the ingredient list, and that’s fillers, oil and “noting made in a lab.” The colorful, chef-crafted breakfast burger patties are packed with protein and fiber for quick and nourishing meals. – Lifestyle Trends

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