Bottle-Shaped Birdseed Cakes : Bird Brew Seed Feeder


Those looking to attract birds into their backyard in a cheeky yet functional way may be drawn to the Bird Brew Seed Feeder from Uncommon Goods. The bottle-shaped birdseed cakes are “handmade from proso millet, sunflower seeds, chopped corn, and edible glue, then finished with a twine loop at the top for easy hanging.”

Its common practice to offer guests a refreshment when they arrive, such as a beer, however, offering your feathered guests the same can be challenging until the launch of the Bird Brew Seed Feeder. In addition, it’s packaged in a cardboard cartoon, mimicking the appearance of beer bottles.

The Bird Brew Seed Feeders are available to purchase online from Uncommon Goods for CA$34.97. – Modern Art and Design Trends

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