Boil-in-Bag Rice Mixes : boil in bag rice


Riviana Foods created the first boil-in-bag rice products of their kind with simple ingredients, so that enjoying meals is easier. The Success Garden & Grains Blends are being introduced in two varieties to start, including white rice, black beans, corn and bell peppers, as well as white rice, peas, carrot and red bell peppers. The pre-portioned, BPA-free boil-in-bags are sold in sets of two that only take about 10 minutes to prepare.

Erica Larson, senior brand manager at Riviana Foods, provides insight into the products and consumer habits, stating: “This past year, we’ve seen a high level of cooking engagement as more consumers opted to eat at home. For some, this has uncovered a newfound passion for cooking, while others have become tired and uninspired having to plan and prepare different meals every day. – Lifestyle Trends

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