Biodegradable Lipstick Packaging : Urht’s Lipstick


Designed by a team of students, Urth’s lipstick packaging is biodegradable. The sustainable beauty brand understands the reality that the beauty industry is a large contributor to pollution. This is why the brand wishes to revolutionize beauty product packaging for a sustainable future.

Urth’s sliding lipstick comes in sleek, biodegradable packaging. Moreover, the dispenser is also refillable to ensure an extended product life cycle. Made up of five components, the lipstick packaging is fabricated with thermoplastic algae developed by a research team at UC San Diego’s Center for Renewable Materials. The durable material uses minimal fossil fuels and greenhouse gases to make. In addition, the revolutionary dispenser can be easily disposed of in an at-home compost bin as it degrades after 12 weeks.

Image Credit: Urth – Style and Fashion Trends

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