Autonomous Robot Vacuums : RoboVac 15C MAX


The ‘RoboVac 15C MAX’ is one of the most powerful and versatile smart vacuum’s to be offered by eufy, a home appliance and security products manufacturer based out of China.

While it is currently offered at a slightly cheaper price tag in comparison to its competitors, the ‘RoboVac 15C MAX’ comes equipped with all the major features expected in a high-end smart vacuum. For starters, it is equipped with a whopping 2000Pa Max suction power, which it runs while maintaining quiet operation. In addition, the unit includes WiFi compatibility, allowing users to control the device via Amazon Alex and Google Assistant.

The vacuum’s accompanying app also boasts a unique scheduling feature that lets customers plan out their entire week of cleaning. What this means is that the ‘RoboVac 15C MAX’ will turn itself on and begin cleaning a user’s home completely autonomously.

Image Credit: eufy – Technology Trends and Gadgets

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