Autonomous Cyber-Attack Defenders : The Hedgehog


Blond, a London-based design studio, created the Hedgehog smart home device to fight against cybersecurity. A study by hardware and software company Zobi expressed that 30% of all smart home devices are hacked. The sobering statistic led to Blond’s creation of its autonomous cyber-attack defender.

The Hedgehog works while connected to a stable WiFi connection. Unlike most hardware devices, this cybersecurity gadget boasts an adorable design, making it part of the home decor scheme rather than a bulky eye-sore. Made from recycled plastic, the device boasts a ridged surface that functions as a ventilation system. The ridges also conceal a hidden aperture for the device’s lighting. When a threat is registered, the Hedgehog flashes red as a warning sign.

Image Credit: Blond – Technology Trends and Gadgets

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