Australian Telehealth Startups : Packapill


Packapill, an Australian medication delivery startup, has teamed up with Western Diagnostics Pathology Healius Limited to offer teleconsultation services. The partnership signifies a major expansion for the company, which, until now, had only provided prescription drug deliveries.

The launch of the telehealth offering came after the two companies trailed the service and found high levels of demand from Australian consumers seeking general practice support. In fact, during the trial, over 4,000 patients called in looking to sign up for the service.

“The demand for this feature confirms the need to extend health services to platforms that are readily accessible to use. We’re excited to launch the Consult feature wider to all Australians in the coming weeks,” said Packapill co-founder Lenin Rajendran.

Image Credit: Packapill – Lifestyle Trends

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