AR-Driven Visual Search Tools : Snapchat’s ‘Scan


Recently upgraded, Snapchat’s ‘Scan’ feature will now allow users to identify a wide range of objects and environments in the real world, such as clothes, dogs, plants, cars, and more.

The recent upgrade, which sees the feature being prominently placed via the app’s camera function, represents a major shift being made by the company to transition from a solely playful messaging app to a powerful visual search engine. In addition, ‘Scan’ will also help the company address a common problem facing its users: the app houses millions of user-created AR effects and lenses but makes them too difficult to access. With its AI-enabled recommendation abilities, ‘Scan’ will ensure users receive appropriate lenses depending on their environment.

“We definitely think Scan will be one of the priorities for [Snapchat’s] camera going forward,” said Eva Zhan, Snapchat’s head of camera product.

Image Credit: Shutterstock – Technology Trends and Gadgets

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