Anime-Themed Crewneck Sweaters : Saint Shinji


SAINT M ×××××× works in collaboration with RADIO EVA on a new project dubbed Saint Shinji that boasts the concept that “Evangelion that blends into everyday life.” The new design that is released from this is the special crewneck sweater inspired by the influence of anime.

The sweater is detailed with vintage processing accents that give off the visual effect that it has been worn in. This spotlights the Shinji Ikara Evangelion Unit-01 across the front of the design. On the sleeves, there is the Spear of Longinus emblems. Finishing the rest of the design is a special phrase that is a collection from the final episode of the original Neon Genesis Evangelion series and emblems nodding to SAINT M ××××××.

Image Credit: SAINT M ×××××× – Style and Fashion Trends

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