Anime-Inspired Alcohols : Akihabara Premium


Akihabara Premium has released six blended whiskeys inspired by the main characters in Cowboy Bebop.

Cowboy Bebop is a science fiction anime released in 1998. The futuristic, space-western anime follows a group of bounty hunters from the year 2071.

Each whiskey’s flavor profiles are inspired by the character’s demeanor and character designs displayed in the anime. For example, “a peaty whiskey with smoky tones” and a “dangerous charm”‘ for Spike Spiegel and “a fruity white wine cask aged spirit” for Faye Valentine to represent her “mystery and femininity.”

Fans of the anime can pre-order the alcohols individually for 27,500 yen or in collector’s sets for 41,800 yen starting November 30th. The collector’s sets come with rocks glass made by traditional glassblowers at Tokyo’s Tajima Glass.

Image Credit: Crunchyroll, Comic Natalie – Lifestyle Trends

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