AI Pest Identification Systems : pest identification system


FarmSense is an innovative new pest identification system that is designed to make it easier than ever for farmers to understand which insects are causing havoc on their fields, allowing them to utilize that knowledge to optimize their use of pest control measures.

This pest identification system relies on a network of proprietary Smart Traps that use special chemicals to attract and trap insects in the area. Once insects are trapped, their species and their numbers are assessed by making use of a microprocessor that carries out AI processes as well as optical sensors and LEDs. With the ability to operate for an entire year on a single charge, the Smart Traps provide ample sample sizes for farmers to understand the pest populations in their area.

Once data is transmitted to a cloud, the farmer can analyze the results in order to optimize their pest control steps, enabling them to save time, energy and resources whilst not harming their plants by spraying pesticide with reckless abandon.

Image Credit: FarmSense – Technology Trends and Gadgets

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