Aerodynamic Gyroplane Concepts : gyroplane


German company Fraundorfer Aeronautics has lifted the curtains off the Tensor 600X, a futuristic two-seater gyroplane that is designed to act as a stepping stone towards the creation of a six-seater version.

Like most gyroplanes, the Tensor 600X aims to combine the advantages of helicopters and airplanes, in that they make use of a rotor during liftoff whilst boasting the forward movement of an airplane. However, what makes this particular gyroplane stand out is the fact that it will be able to lift heavier weights than existing alternatives.

What’s more, the Tensor 600X gyroplane will also be compatible with hydrogen fuel cell and battery-electric powertrains. These eco-friendly credentials, coupled with the craft’s compactness, should make it ideal for use as an air taxi and for other shorter-range air transport applications.

Image Credit: Fraundorfer Aeronautics – Technology Trends and Gadgets

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