Advanced Vision Support Headsets : mixed-reality headset


The ViXion mixed-reality headset has been created in partnership with Nendo as an advanced wearable for those with reduced visibility or those who are legally blind to offer support as they traverse the city. The headset works by being worn over the eyes in a visor-like manner and utilizes a camera mounted on the front to capture footage of what’s ahead of the wearer. This footage is then processed to increase visibility to suit those with low vision, night blindness or low periphery vision by brightening content, allowing for black and white inversion and more.

The ViXion mixed-reality headset maintains a comfort-focused design given the long periods it’s meant to be worn for and is outfitted with HOYA optics to allow for corrective lens to be incorporated in.

Image Credit: Nendo – Technology Trends and Gadgets

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