65 Gift Ideas for Fitness Fanatics


This list of gift ideas for fitness fanatics was compiled for those stuck with the challenge of shopping for their exercise-obsessed friends. From at-home gym gear to calorie-tracking apps and energy-boosting supplements, this collection delivers a wide variety of products that will help satisfy your buddy’s ceaseless hunger for heart-pumping, physical activity.

If you are hoping to help your friend or loved one complete their at-home gym, this list includes a range of versatile equipment items that should do the trick. For example, the LifeSpan Fitness Cycle Boxer is an interactive training solution that combines a spin bike model with an upper punching pad, merging the worlds of cycling and boxing. Meanwhile, the Hyprope is a portable jump rope that tracks fitness data when paired with Hygear’s app.

Aside from actual equipment, both pre and post-workout products make for a perfect gift for fitness fanatics. Help your friend get pumped for their workouts by gifting them MERK’s new ‘Psycho Citrus’ Pre-Workout. Alternatively, provide them the necessary tools for achieving better recovery with the OPOVE Apex Massage Gun.

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