5G IoT Network Monitoring : Sub-6 GHz 5G


AT&T announced its sub-6 GHz 5G launch with managed services on a Cisco-provided platform. The partnership grants companies access to 5G network monitoring. AT&T stated that it currently manages millions of connected devices in various industries.

The announcement focuses on customers of the AT&T Control Center service. The cloud-based IoT management platform allows enterprises to see all devices on their network. This enables companies to monitor data usage. William Stovall, Vp of Mobility, IoT and 5G at At&T, states that “working with Cisco, we continue to help businesses deploy IoT devices and applications faster and more securely and get more value out of devices they use.” Enterprises will first need 5G-certified devices to access 5G connectivity for IoT.

Image Credit: Fierce Wireless

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