1930s-Style Faucets : Smart Kitchen Faucet


Moen’s Smart Kitchen Faucet in Neo is one style from the brand that taps into the old world glamour of the 1930s and it offers the benefits of intuitive features in addition to style. The faucet helps to support life at home with intelligent flow controls, user-defined presets, voice activations and more.

With the arrival of 2020, Moen’s predicted that Art Deco and Art Noveau styles would be revived, noting that it has been accelerated by pandemic life. As Danielle DeBoe Harper, Moen’s senior creative style manager, says “”Consumers are ready to express their desire for a hopeful future full of vibrant and saturated materials and finishes, taking inspiration from the elegant details, geometric patterns and mixing of black, white and metallics found in 1930s.”

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