10 Instagram Reels Ideas for Social Media Managers

81% of people use Instagram for research on companies, products, and services.

With this in mind, it only makes sense to incorporate Instagram Reels into your social media strategy.

This Instagram feature allows users to create TikTok-style content on a platform where they’ve already established a fanbase.

If you’re new to Reels and would like to know what they are, how to create them, and why you should leverage them for your business, you may find this complete guide to Instagram Reels useful.

Read on to see how influencers and marketers can leverage Instagram’s popularity to make Reels work for their businesses.

  1. Instagram Reels vs. TikTok videos

  2. Understanding Instagram’s algorithm for Reels

  3. 10 Instagram Reels ideas for all industries
    3.1. Airline brands
    3.2. Automotive brands
    3.3. Alcohol brands
    3.4. Fashion brands & influencers
    3.5. FMCG food brands
    3.6. Magazines & journals
    3.7. Beauty brands
    3.8. Home & living brands
    3.9. Beverage brands
    3.10.Travel brands

  4. Optimizing your Reels

Instagram Reels vs. TikTok videos

87% of Gen Z users who have used both platforms say that Instagram Reels is essentially the same as TikTok.

However, 61% of Gen Z TikTok users plan to spend more time on Reels.

So can Reels outperform TikTok? And which one is better for your brand?

While some technical similarities exist between Instagram Reels and TikTok clips, they are essentially different.

TikTok is a more experimental video-sharing service. Instagram Reels is more focused on curated aesthetics that can educate and bring value to followers.

Businesses may use TikTok to get creative and humanize their brand to increase engagement and generate excitement.

On the other hand, Instagram is more sales-oriented and offers more advertising, shopping, linking, and marketing features than TikTok does.

Moreover, Reels are also available on Instagram’s Explore page, making them more discoverable.

Understanding Instagram’s algorithm for Reels

We have some fantastic news for small content creators, social media managers and aspiring influencers.

2022’s Instagram Reels algorithm focuses on bringing forward smaller producers, giving everyone a fair shot at popularity.

Similar to Explore’s algorithm, the most important criteria in the Reels algorithm is whether or not the viewer finds the content entertaining.

Reels’ algorithm selects videos you’d like and ranks them based on your level of interest.

The algorithm focuses on the user’s interactions with the posting account. This contains information about which reels they’ve recently interacted with — liked, commented on, and shared.

In addition to user involvement, the search engine considers technical aspects such as trending music, pixels, frames, and the video’s popularity.

10 Instagram Reels ideas for all industries

Reels have become an essential part of any social media strategy.

But what exactly should you be putting up on Reels?

Fortunately, there are loads of fantastic videos from which to learn and be inspired.

To get you started, check out these 10 brands below and see how they leverage Instagram Reels to generate great content.

1. Airline brands

Thanks to its witty talking airplane, RyanAir’s Instagram account has swiftly gained popularity.

With almost a million followers and tens of thousands of views, RyanAir’s Reels strategy relies on straightforward communication and humor.

Europe’s largest airline uses popular music tracks and trends to spread the word about its inexpensive fares and make fun of relatable passenger situations.

In the captions, RyanAir also uses a few catchy words, emojis, and the branded #ryanair hashtag.

We’re not suggesting replicating RyanAir’s Reels and applying @masha__mood’s Talking Pictures effect to your products, but it is an excellent example of how to humanize your brand.

2. Automotive brands


The primary goal of Instagram is to share and discover the greatest photographs and videos.

This is why you don’t necessarily have to make a new video every time you post a Reel on Instagram.

Car brands such as BMW and Mini repurpose their existing commercial videos and convert them into Reels.

You may take test drives or show off the car’s design, features, and updates with Reels. To attract the user’s interest, remember to use effects and trending soundtracks.

3. Alcohol brands


Budweiser uses Reels to promote their Tomorrow is #YoursToTake campaign.

The American pale lager producer reveals fragments from their commercials and behind-the-scenes footage.

Giving your fans first-hand access to your creative process is a simple and effective method to keep them engaged and committed.

4. Fashion brands & influencers


During lockdown, fashion continued to thrive, with trends ranging from tie-dye to Zara hauls.

Haul videos are videos in which people show off their new purchases to the rest of the world.

Interestingly, haul videos still draw millions of views on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

In fact, some influencers even made a career out of it, collecting expensive brand sponsorships.

Fashion digital creator @yasmindevonport_ uses Reels to show her latest purchases and style different outfits. She also discloses the shopping code for the items she buys so viewers can find them easier.

5. FMCG food brands


Chipotle is a well-established FMCG food brand on social media, having incorporated memes into its social strategy since mid-2018 and including influencer partnerships with YouTuber David Dobrik in 2019.

Chipotle uses Reels to promote discounts on products, menu updates, and quirky recipes. The Mexican food chain also shares snippets from Roblox to show what a day in the life of a Chipotle employee looks like.

Chipotle’s content shows that using Reels can help you develop an online personality and create funny content.

Thus, FMCG food brands can use Instargam’s feature to overcome the standard corporate B2C marketing strategy.

And, if you’d like to back up your marketing strategy, check out our free social media benchmark reports and see how your industry is performing online.

6. Magazines & journals


People Magazine uses Instagram Reels to broadcast bits of celebrity interviews, spark debate, and keep followers up to date on the hottest headlines.

If you can’t rely on interviews for your Reels strategy, there are other options available to you as a publishing company.

You could, for example, develop a news timeline with short Reels displaying a weekly top three recent trends in your sector.

Another option is to make a resume from one of the most recent blog pieces on your website. In this scenario, ensure the material you’re advertising is evergreen and will continue to be relevant over time (example: top 3 tips for sleeping better).

7. Beauty brands


Beauty brands can use Reels in many creative ways.

Fenty Beauty uses Reels to share tutorials, before & after videos, make-up hacks, and product launches.

Fenty Beauty’s focus on diversity helped it gain over a million Instagram followers in just a few days since launching 40 distinct colors of foundation.

Beauty brands can share social proof such as reviews and testimonials to highlight products and results. They can also work with influencers who already have an engaged community to increase followings and enhance interaction.

8. Home & living brands


As more people buy from home, sales of home products, especially furniture, have increased by 30%.

This is why it is particularly important for home & living brands to leverage all available features to make a successful social media marketing strategy.

Home Depot leverages the Instagram feature to inspire its followers and offers tips and suggestions on how to decorate their home.

Following Home Depot’s lead, you can adapt similar content to fit your brand and offer quick and easy advice on how to turn one’s house into a home.

You can also show a before & after video of your home project — how it started and how it looks now. You can use a time lapse setting to record yourself working on something from the planning stages to the final end product.

9. Beverage brands


Smoothie brand Innocent has established themselves as social media superstars over the last few years.

Innocent uses Reels to show potential and actual customers a closer look at the company.

Innocent’s employees take viewers on a journey with them, allowing them to get to know the team.

In terms of branding, Innocent maintains its bright colors, friendly tone, and playful aesthetic in Reels.

Remember that your team’s daily routine is a wealth of fantastic marketing ideas and anecdotes in your firm. People want to interact with the companies they care about.

Give your followers an exclusive look at how your business works and make them feel like they’re a member of your team.

10. Travel brands


Travel brands rely heavily on Reels.

Regional brand @secret.london combines trending audio with short, shareable, engaging video clips to provide value to London residents and visitors.

Instead of still photos, showing accommodations or restaurants you discover via Reels can pique viewers’ curiosity and increase engagement.

Travel Reels are really simple to make. Simply watching influencers navigate around attractions is self-explanatory and entertaining!

Optimizing your Reels

Keep in mind that Instagram recommends a 9:16 aspect ratio for Reels videos, with a maximum file size of 4GB and a maximum running time of 90 seconds per Reel and 60 seconds for Reels ads.

Wrap up

Reels give brands a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own their niches and become thought leaders among their target audience. Social media managers can use Instagram Reels to their best potential to step up their marketing game.

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